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Easy Install Shrink Wrap Myself - Stronghold Hire Sydney

Is It Easy to Install Shrink Wrap Myself?

As we’ve discussed before a common question we get asked is where is edge protection required but after that the question of “is it easy to install shrink wrap myself?” is one of the most commonly asked questions. With clients often requesting just the shrink wrap product from us and not the full shrink wrap service.

Exceptional Shrink Wrap Results

Installing shrink wrap to a good standard is very difficult. At Stronghold Hire, our experienced installers have over 15 years of expertise in both the UK and New Zealand, where shrink wrap is a highly popular solution. Trust us to deliver exceptional results.

Exceptional Shrink Wrap Results - Stronghold Hire Sydney

Key to Successful Shrink Wrap Installation

The key to a successful shrink wrap installation is preparation. There are some key factors to consider:

  1. Dry Air Essential: Maintaining dry air conditions is crucial as any moisture in the air can impact the quality of the welds, flame distance, shrink temperature, and more.
  2. Proper Purlin/Structure Spacing: A well-designed system must allow for effective water runoff to prevent pooling or bubbling of the shrink wrap. Improper spacing can cause water to collect on the wrap, adding weight and causing it to bubble.
  3. Run-off Angle Consideration: A proper design must enable gravity to effectively remove water. If the run-off angles are too shallow, water will not drain off the shrink wrap.
  4. Sharp Edges: The design of the frame or scaffold needs to ensure there are no sharp edges or protrusions. If a sharp edge or protrusion cannot be avoided, then that that area needs to be padded out prior to installation. Even though the product that we use at stronghold Hire is extremely strong and hard wearing, sharp edges will slowly wear into the product through wind or transport vibration.
  5. Superior Products: The market offers a wide range of shrink wrap products at varying prices, but the quality of the wrap, as well as the associated components such as tape, glue, zippers, doors, vents, etc., play a critical role in determining the longevity of the installation. Using inferior, low-cost products will result in a subpar outcome. When it comes to shrink wrap, you truly get what you pay for.
  6. Professional Equipment: There are several tools available that can make the shrink wrapping process easier and faster, but the heat source is the most critical tool. The type of burner required will depend on the application and the product that is being heated. Cheap tools and burners will only result in burn holes that will need to be patched, this is not acceptable if the wrap is to be installed as a screen.
  7. Structural Engineering: The shrink wrap exerts significant forces on the structure being covered, particularly on scaffolds. The behavior of shrink wrap differs significantly from standard scaffold mesh, thus requiring additional ties, bracing, beams, and in some cases, counterweights. A properly engineered design and approval are imperative and non-negotiable.
  8. Skilled Installers: The experience of the installers is arguably the most significant factor in a successful shrink wrap installation. While courses may provide a basic understanding of shrink wrap, they cannot substitute real-world experience. Our installers at Stronghold Hire have over 15 years of experience in the UK and New Zealand, where shrink wrap is widely used. They have gained valuable insights through past mistakes and encountered a diverse range of installation scenarios.

Think Again About DIY Shrink Wrap

If you need shrink wrap and are thinking of trying to do it yourself then you may want to think again. Improper installation can result in wasted materials and harm to the equipment being covered, leading to costly mistakes. If you have a deadline and need the job done right, first time, then we’d recommend thinking again about taking on shrink wrap as a DIY job. We’ve done shrink wrap for boats, shrink wrap for aquariums, shrink wrap for rail machines and everything in between.

Shrink Wrap Services Sydney - Stronghold Hire

Shrink Wrap Services Sydney

We’ve got years of experience in providing a wide range of shrink wrap services in Sydney and with our expanded team of shrink wrap experts with overseas experience we are the no.1 shrink wrap provider. Trust the experts and get the job done right, first time. Call us today on (02) 8985 2020 or contact us online for more info.


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