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More Than Just Scaffolding

Nearly fifteen years ago back in 2008 was where it all started. Based in Maroubra in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, a small crew was created to supply scaffold labour to some of the more established and reputable scaffold companies in Sydney. Moving away from daily rate work and taking on riskier larger projects on […]

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Is Scaffolding Shrink Wrap Worth The Extra Cost?

Recently we’ve had more enquiries for scaffolding shrink wrap than ever before, this is largely due to the rain that has hit our Sydney shores, otherwise known as “La Niña”. Many people that call up just want to get a very rough indication of the cost. Many are misled into thinking we can simply pop […]

How to get a scaffolding job in Sydney - Stronghold Hire

How To Get a Scaffolding Job in Sydney

Here at Stronghold Hire, many of our staff and management are originally from overseas mainly hailing from the UK and Ireland. We often get asked how hard it is to get employment here in Sydney. Well, right now the answer is EXTREMELY EASY. If you have the right attitude to work and are reliable you […]

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Indoor Scaffolding and When It Is Required

We often see tradesmen working from step ladders or makeshift platforms consisting of A-frames and planks on site, but is this legal? It is generally considered that a scaffold is required when there is a risk of falling more than 2 metres. This is something that you would see as one of the 18 listed […]

Edge Protection Sydney - How to use Edge Protection

How Can Edge Protection Be Used on Your Project?

Edge protection is an important safely feature if you are doing any work at heights. We have a variety of edge projection systems that can be used for a variety of different purposes to help keep your employees and workers safe and get the job done efficiently. Different Uses for Edge Protection Here at Stronghold […]

2021 Year in Review and Plans for 2022 - Stronghold Hire

2021 Year in Review and Plans for 2022

Doom and gloom in 2021? We don’t think so. Many have written 2021 off as a year to forget but here at Stronghold we always try to encourage a ‘cup half full’ mentality. Yes, Covid-19 affected everyone here in Australia last year, unlike 2020, but we kept our chins held high and battled through! In […]

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Scaffold vs Edge Protection Rails

At Stronghold Hire we provide steel and aluminium scaffolds, rubbish chutes, shrink wrap and edge protection hire. We often get asked what’s the difference between hiring edge protection handrails or a scaffold system. So, this article, we would like to highlight FOUR main questions and answers that show the pros and cons between edge protection […]

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Working In Australia as an Overseas Scaffolder

Scorching summers, beautiful beaches, crocodiles, thongs, boomerangs, cold frothy beers, or Budgie Smugglers are just some of the terms that come to mind when you think of Australia. I’m not sure that the term ‘scaffolding’ would really pop up though? Unless, of course, you are an overseas scaffolder looking to work in Australia! Overseas Scaffolders […]

Safety Precautions Hiring Mobile Scaffolding - FAQ - Stronghold

Safety Precautions When Hiring a Mobile Scaffold FAQ

Do you have a small job to do around your home or on your building site that requires the use of a mobile scaffold? Mobile scaffold is very versatile and an ideal scaffolding system to use for a variety of projects but you should also be aware of the safety precautions when hiring aluminium mobile […]

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Types Of Scaffolding We Can Provide!

The definition of a scaffold has changed in over the decades. For instance, if you go back and read a dictionary from a century ago, you may find it described as ‘a flat raised structure on which criminals are punished by having their heads cut off or by being hanged with a rope around their […]