Edge Protection Rail - Stronghold Hire Sydney

Scaffold vs Edge Protection Rails

At Stronghold Hire we provide steel and aluminium scaffolds, rubbish chutes, shrink wrap and edge protection hire. We often get asked what’s the difference between hiring edge protection handrails or a scaffold system. So, this article, we would like to highlight FOUR main questions and answers that show the pros and cons between edge protection […]

Working in Australia as an Overseas Scaffolder - Stronghold

Working In Australia as an Overseas Scaffolder

Scorching summers, beautiful beaches, crocodiles, thongs, boomerangs, cold frothy beers, or Budgie Smugglers are just some of the terms that come to mind when you think of Australia. I’m not sure that the term ‘scaffolding’ would really pop up though? Unless, of course, you are an overseas scaffolder looking to work in Australia! Overseas Scaffolders […]

Safety Precautions Hiring Mobile Scaffolding - FAQ - Stronghold

Safety Precautions When Hiring a Mobile Scaffold FAQ

Do you have a small job to do around your home or on your building site that requires the use of a mobile scaffold? Mobile scaffold is very versatile and an ideal scaffolding system to use for a variety of projects but you should also be aware of the safety precautions when hiring aluminium mobile […]

Types of Scaffolding Hiring - Stronghold Hire Sydney

Types Of Scaffolding We Can Provide!

The definition of a scaffold has changed in over the decades. For instance, if you go back and read a dictionary from a century ago, you may find it described as ‘a flat raised structure on which criminals are punished by having their heads cut off or by being hanged with a rope around their […]

Is Scaffolding a Good Trade - Stronghold Sydney

Is Scaffolding A Good Trade?

We often get asked the question “Is scaffolding a good trade?” We think the answer depends on a multitude of things and so in this post we’ll delve into a bit to give you the skinny on scaffolding as a trade. Firstly, it depends on which part of the world you are working in. For […]

Birdcage Scaffold Guide - Stronghold Hire Sydney

Birdcage Scaffold Guide

“Hello sir, I have been told that I may need a birdcage type scaffold, can you help me?” This is a question that we get asked on a regular basis with the same answer given to most of our enquiries, “yes, of course, we can!!!” What is Birdcage Scaffold? The term ‘birdcage scaffold’ is thrown […]

Scaffolding Rental Sydney - Stronghold

Understanding Scaffold Rental

This week we would like to offer advice and explain what is involved with scaffold rental. The thought of renting a scaffold may be a little daunting if you have never done it before and so hopefully this guide to understanding scaffold rental will help. The following guide may be of interest if: You are […]

Boat Shrink Wrap - Wrap Up Your Boat for Winter

Boat Shrink Wrap – Wrap Up Your Boat for Winter

Do you have a boat that you love and care about? Do you only use your boat in the warmer months of the year? Do you need to protect it from the elements through those harsh winter months? You may have a large yacht that requires major maintenance in a controlled environment whilst leaving it […]

Commercial Scaffolding Guide - Hire Scaffolding Stronghold

Commercial Scaffolding Guide

Here at Stronghold Hire, we undertake several commercial scaffolding projects each year. Many people ask, what is the difference between commercial, domestic, and residential scaffolding? Well, in this post we’ll outline and give you the complete guide to commercial scaffolding. Difference Between Residential & Commercial Scaffolding Basically, residential or domestic scaffold as it is more […]

Scaffolding for Brickwork - Hire Scaffolding Sydney

Scaffolding for Brickwork

We often get requests to provide a scaffolding for brickwork. We provide scaffolds for many different trades that have different requirements, be it scaffolding for painters, chimney scaffolding, roof scaffolding and everything else in between. Light Weight Aluminium Scaffolds For instance, jobs such as painting, small render repair, hedge trimming, light fitting installation, gutter and […]