Rubbish Chutes

What Is A Rubbish Chute?

A rubbish chute is an easy way of removing waste material from upper storey areas such as roof tops, balconies or scaffolds in an efficient manner.

The chutes come in modular sections of 1.1m which also have adjustable chains meaning that they can be set up to any height desired.

A typical set up would involve a dump hopper, 1.1m tube sections and a fixing bracket. There are several different brackets that can be used to attach to scaffolds, balconies, windows or flat roof tops. For more heavy duty work we can install chute liners to re-enforce the sections.

More information on the product that we use can be found at Geda.

Typical Set Up Times

Our most popular set up is around 10m high and is generally fixed to a stair or ladder access scaffold that Stronghold can also supply.

The time needed just for the chute set up is around 2 hours.

If a scaffold is required also then we normally ask the client to allow for a one day install.

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Easy and quick set up.

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Who would use this service?

There are lots of different projects that would benefit from the install of our rubbish chutes but our main customers are:

  • Roofing companies
  • Fit out and refurbishment companies
  • Strata maintenance
  • Demolition companies
  • Waste management
  • Home owners

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