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Temporary Roofing Solutions - Shrink Wrap Game Changer - Stronghold Hire Sydney

Temporary Roofing Solutions: Shrink Wrap Is A Game Changer

Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to eliminate the delays associated with bad weather from your construction program? Imagine the relief! Rain wreaks havoc on schedules, disrupting projects across Sydney. In places like New Zealand and the UK, where the weather is often wetter than in Australia, temporary roofing solutions are commonly incorporated into construction plans to mitigate weather-related challenges.

Temporary Roofing Solutions From Shrink Wrap

Temporary roofs are prevalent in these regions and are often completed using corrugated metal roof sheeting and timber or a retractable modular system. However, the traditional roof sheeting method can be visually unappealing, while the modular retractable system tends to be costly. Due to these factors, an increasing number of individuals are opting for shrink wrap temporary roofing. Shrink wrap offers the advantage of easily covering the sides of the project to prevent sideways rain intrusion.

Temporary Roofing Solutions From Shrink Wrap - Stronghold Hire Sydney

Benefits of Shrink Wrap Temporary Roofing

Here in Sydney, Australia, it’s increasingly common to see roofs constructed from scaffold and shrink wrap. Some benefits of using shrink wrap over other methods include:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Versatile to fit almost any shape
  3. Aesthetically pleasing
  4. Flame retardant
  5. Easy to install and remove

Builders across Sydney are increasingly recognizing the advantages of utilizing shrink wrap temporary roofing in their projects. They now budget and plan for this in the early stages.

The Impact of Rain Delays

Rain doesn’t just disrupt the schedule for that moment but can have repercussions for days or even weeks afterward. This can lead to trades being diverted elsewhere or material deliveries postponed to the next available date. For more insights into these challenges, you can refer to this article about why shrink wrap is worth the cost.

No More Frustrating Rain Delays

We’ve experienced a rise in requests for our shrink wrap product for façade works. Full elevations of buildings that require restoration are being protected by our shrink wrap containment. We strategically position tubes over the scaffold’s top, redirecting rain to flow down the sheeting’s back or into the roof space where it flows through the existing gutters and channels. This guarantees timely completion of tasks like render, paint, window replacement, and brick pointing, despite rainfall. We’re all too familiar with the frustration of damp conditions prolonging wall drying times after rain! It’s so frustrating!

Temporary Roofing Solutions Sydney

Temporary Roofing Solutions Sydney

If you need to tame the elements to ensure your project is completed on time then a temporary roofing solution is the way to go. We provide them throughout Sydney for a range of differnet types of projects so give us a call now on 02 89852020 or contact us online to find out more.


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