Shrink Wrap of Rail Tamping Machine, St. Marys


Rail Tamping Machine, St. Marys

Scaffolding System:
Shrink Wrap

Rail Tamping Machine

August 2022

Shrink Wrap of Rail Tamping Machine

This month Stronghold was asked to provide a shrink wrap encapsulation for a rail tamping machine.

What’s A Rail Tamping Machine

A rail tamping machine (also known as a tamper) is a machine that is mounted on rails to pack (tamp) the track ballast. This levels out the tracks and makes them more durable. It’s hard to think that this process was once done by hand (especially as concrete sleepers are over 250kg each).

Multi Purpose Shrink Wrap

Our client was storing and transporting the machine, and wanted to preserve it in the best way possible. When dealing with these types of wraps, it’s important to know what the wrap is to be used for. We have provided wraps for transport, storage, inclement weather, aesthetics, dust suppression, blasting, paint and asbestos removal in the past 2 years.

These machines also require certain areas to be left exposed, such as the lifting points. All of these minor details are to be discussed and agreed on before the dismantling.

Shrink Wrap – Popular with Residential Builders

It is a common misconception that Stronghold Hire only provides shrink wrap for scaffolds. This is partly due to the number of wrapped scaffolds that you see around the city and beaches with our advertising boards on them. During this wet season, we have become very popular amongst the residential builders!

However, the scaffolds probably only make up around 80% of our workload. We also wrap large industrial components, farm machinery, vehicles, marine vessels, timber frame structures and existing buildings.

Versatility of Shrink Wrap

The wrap of this tamping machine was completed in one day.

This latest project shows the versatility of our shrink wrap encapsulation service and the different types of projects it can be used for. If you have a vehicle (or, anything really) that needs protecting from the elements our shrink wrap service could be for you. Give us a call now on 02 8985 2020 or contact us online for more info.

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