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Scaffolding System:
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April 2022

Residential Shrink Wrap Bronte

Rain, rain, rain, rain, and even more rain!! When will it ever stop? It seemed to be the only thing that everyone has been talking about lately. It’s been causing havoc with construction programs right across the city.

Sydney has experienced the wettest start to a year on record. The rain has been relentless. Naturally, there have been a lot of enquiries regarding our shrink wrap service as shrink wrap can be used to allow projects to continue, even with all the rain we’ve been getting!

If You Fail To Prepare Then…

Unfortunately, most of the time we have not been able to help these potential clients out with shrink wrap for several reasons:

  1. They did not initially budget for it as they were not aware of such a service and hadn’t read our post about whether or not Scaffolding Shrink Wrap is Worth the Extra Cost? (spoiler alert – we think it is!)
  2. They had already engaged a scaffolder who had not allowed for these extra works and wind loads in their original design (some scaffold companies simply do not have the equipment or experience to erect a temporary roof).
  3. We need clear days of no moisture for us to install the wrap.
  4. Most shrink wrap enquires wanted the job done immediately, unfortunately with the way the world is right now, lead times have increased.

Shrink Wrap for Scaffolds

One of these shrink wrap enquiries had planned well ahead for the weather and engaged us before these crazy rains started. They were well organised and prepared. The project was a new residential build overlooking the beautiful Bronte Beach. As always, the builder would like to hand over the house to their client on time and as scheduled.

The scaffold wasn’t a straightforward perimeter scaffold with a temporary roof structure. We had to suspend legs for sections that are single storey and the framing was not in yet, which meant that we had to find alternative anchor points. To top it off, we only had around 800mm on either side to install the scaffold.

The street was very typical of this area – small, busy and with extremely limited parking. Small truck deliveries would be the only option for this one. Most of our 3-ton trucks have cranes making the delivery and pick up process much smoother.

Lightweight Aluminium Modular Scaffolds

After working out some suitable anchor points, in a way that would not impede the build too much, we were ready to install. We used some of our lightweight aluminium modular scaffolds to set up inside the building, allowing us to safely sheet and heat the product.

The rain did play a part in this project, unfortunately, once the scaffold was built, we had to wait for over a week to get back there to install the shrink wrap, totally outside our control.

A Temporary Scaffold Roof

However, this client now has full control and does not have to worry about rain affecting their program any longer, the temporary scaffold roof is on, designed to give ample clearance to finish the roof and cladding.

Scaffold Shrink Wrap for Your Project

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