Commercial Scaffolding – Bondi Beach Lifeguard Tower


Bondi Beach Lifeguard Tower

Scaffolding System:
Galvanized Kwik Stage Steel Modular Scaffolds

Bondi Beach Lifeguard

July 2022

Commercial Scaffolding - Bondi Beach Lifeguard Tower

Some of you may be familiar with the hit TV series Bondi Rescue? Over the next few months, you may catch a glimpse of our work in the background!

Roof Repair for Bondi Beach Lifeguard Tower

Last month Stronghold Hire was approached through a referral to supply safe access for roof repair to the iconic Bondi Beach Lifeguard tower. The tower was built in 2001 and is situated in the middle of Bondi Beach. It is the perfect vantage point to keep an eye on swimmers and beachgoers from one end to the other. The tower is not only a viewing room, but also a first aid facility, office, and an area to store equipment.

Bondi Beach Tower Renovation

The tower is to undergo a major renovation, starting with the replacement of the roof. This is where we were called in. The client works on several projects for the local council. They wanted us to provide safe access for roof replacement without encroaching too far onto the boardwalk.

The beach boardwalk is extremely busy in both the summer and winter months, so scaffold deliveries were scheduled for early morning. The shape of the roof is oval, and many may have been tempted to use broken bays to follow this shape (this is how the client envisaged the design). We recommended that we keep the footprint of the scaffold square so that it is more aesthetically pleasing. We were still able to provide at least 1m of working space to the perimeter of the roof.

Galvanized Kwik Stage Steel Modular Scaffold

We used our galvanized Kwik stage steel modular scaffold for this project. Our lightweight aluminium scaffold is not suitable for roof replacement work. The front of the tower is over the beach. This area would need to be cantilevered over the sand. This is a relatively straightforward scaffold install as our scaffolders are very experienced with advanced certification.

We used the concrete slab to tie back the opposing forces created by the cantilever, with extra bracing as requested by our engineer. All boards are fastened down to prevent uplift and extra attachment points were put into the mesh to counteract the natural high winds found in this location.

Job Completed in 2 Days

Bondi Beach has some weird and wonderful sights. A weaker crew may become distracted in a location like this but our installers remained focused and completed the job in 2 days. Some jobs are better to work on than others, we like to think that this job is one of those better ones.

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Bondi Beach Drone Footage

Like we always do with our most iconic scaffold locations, we got Michael from HLH Marketing to come out and record drone footage of the project to provide our social media followers and now you are a glimpse of its remarkable location.

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