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Benefits Edge Protection Systems - Stronghold Hire

Benefits of Edge Protection Systems

When it comes to creating a safer and more compliant workplace, edge protection systems offer numerous benefits. At Stronghold Hire, we prioritise safety and aim to provide insights into a few advantages of the different systems we offer, all of which comply with the AS/NZS 4994.2 2009 standard.

Edge Protection Systems for Safety

Our foray into edge protection stems from our commitment to protect individuals and make workplaces safer. We believe that by getting more people on board, we can create a safer environment for everyone. At Stronghold Hire, our main goal and focus is safety, and we encourage you to prioritise it as well. As we say, #gethomesafe.

Benefits Edge Protection Systems - Stronghold Hire

Benefit of Edge Protection

One notable benefit of the edge protection systems we offer is improved site efficiency. Our systems have a minimal or no footprint, resulting in better utilisation of space. For instance, our pole-up system only requires a single scaffold tube below each bracket and utilises surface pressure instead of invasive drilling. Similarly, our commercial bracket requires no footprint at all, although it may require a few small holes to be drilled. These systems, including the parapet bracket, can be installed quickly, allowing for smooth progress on the job site. Moreover, the commercial bracket can be set back to facilitate the installation of gutters if required.

Cost Savings Compared to Regular Scaffolding

By reducing the required man-hours, our edge protection systems offer cost savings compared to regular scaffolding. We also provide discounts for multiple jobs, depending on the circumstances. Despite the lower cost, user safety and quality of work are never compromised. Our systems are installed by qualified scaffolders, and upon completion, a handover certificate is provided to ensure compliance with standards.

Edge Protection System Hire Sydney - Stronghold Hire

Versatile Edge Protection

The versatility and dynamic nature of our systems give you greater control over their installation. You can decide where the system should be installed to a certain extent, adapting it to your specific needs. Our systems are designed to be versatile and multi-use, making them suitable for various scenarios and building types. We offer multiple options to address different challenges you may encounter on-site. By incorporating scaffolding tubes into our edge protection systems, we can combine scaffold stair access with complete perimeter edge protection. Additionally, our stretcher scaffold stairs not only provide access and egress to the working area but also allow for the rescue of injured personnel if a rescue plan is not already in place.

AS/NZS 4994.2 Compliance

With AS/NZS 4994.2 compliance, our systems are rated for multiple users. Our trained and experienced team ensures proper installation, meaning that once the system is in place, no specific training is required to use it. However, we recommend that all users undergo work-at-height safety training in accordance with NSW safe work procedures, as is standard for any work-at-height activity.

ASNZS 4994.2 Compliance Scaffolding Safety - Stronghold Hire

Edge Protection System Hire

In conclusion, Stronghold Hire’s edge protection systems offer a range of benefits for creating a safer and more efficient work environment. By prioritising safety, incorporating versatile designs, and offering cost savings, our systems provide an effective solution to protect individuals working at height. Make safety a priority and choose Stronghold Hire for your edge protection needs. For more information on our edge protection systems, please give us a call now on 02 89852020 or contact us online.


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