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Roof Edge Protection Commercial - Scaffolding Hire Sydney - Stronghold

Roof Edge Protection – Don’t Take Risks When Working at Heights

For many years now falls from height have been the number one cause of injury in the construction industry. Over the past 5 years, a total of 122 people have unfortunately lost their lives from falls from height (an average of 24 a year). That is a frightening statistic of 13% of all work-related deaths throughout Australia. In a recent post we discussed where edge projection is required and in this post we’ll delve into the why.

Why Edge Protection?

A lot of people like to put a price on safety. “We can’t afford to scaffold”. But, this leaves workers unprotected from a fall. Roof edge protection provides a safe barrier to prevent workers from falling from a roof edge at an affordable cost.

Why Use Edge Protection Construction Sydney - Scaffolding Hire

Next time you think a price is too expensive remember you are keeping someone safe, allowing that person to go home at the end of the day. If that wasn’t enough for you

“A typical claim due to a fall from height involved 6 weeks off work and compensation paid average over $14,000 per claim”.

A Focus on Roof Edge Protection

“There has been no improvement in the number of fatalities or the fatality rate in the past eight years.”

We here at Stronghold Hire want to change that, being safety focused we believe everyone should go home at the end of the day; back to families, loved ones, and friends. Stronghold Hire has been in the construction industry for more than 25 years. We have seen a lot of change in that time and thankfully safety on site is a positive change we have witnessed. But it’s not enough so that is why we have expanded our scaffolding division to include Roof Edge Protection to help keep pushing for a safer workplace.

If you are in charge or run a workplace, you have a responsibility to eliminate or minimise the risk of falls from heights.

50% of All Construction Fatalities

50% of all fatalities are caused by working from a height of 3 metres or less. That’s a single-story house. We hear it all the time that a single-story roof repair doesn’t warrant scaffolding. But it does require something to prevent the worker from falling. That’s where roof edge protection can come into its own, quick to install and less invasive than scaffolding systems and so we can provide this at a competitive price and keep all workers safe.

Roof Edge Protection Commercial - Scaffolding Hire Sydney - Stronghold

Roof Edge Protection – Don’t Risk Lives

The message is clear, don’t risk lives. With roof edge protection you can do your part to keep your workers and yourself safe when they are working at heights. If you have a project coming up or already underway then give us a call now on 02 89852020 or contact us online to see how we can sure-up the safety on site!

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