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Scaffolding System:
Shrink Wrap / Encapsulation

Sydney City Marine

October 2021

Shrink Wrap - Sydney City Marine

One of our long-standing shrink wrap projects can be seen at Sydney City Marine in Rozelle. It’s been there for around 6 months. Sydney City Marine is basically a one-stop-shop for all your marine maintenance needs. It’s a very impressive first-class facility that offers services such as lifting, anti-fouling and paint. SCM has a range of high-end clients in the private and defence sectors for vessels of all sizes.

Temporary Shrink Wrap Shelter

By coincidence, we were asked by two of their separate departments to provide two temporary shelters of similar size and shape at the same time. Stronghold Hire has a large advantage over the competition whereby we have full control over the scaffold and shrink wrap design and installation. We supply FOUR different types of scaffolding systems, and all of our installers are certified scaffolders. Any modifications required to suit the wrap install can be done easily and immediately. The clients love the fact that they only have one point of contact and we are fully responsible for the whole install from start to finish.

Short & Long Term Shrink Wrap Solutions

The first shelter was only required short term for the servicing of a large gearbox removed from one of their larger vessels undergoing maintenance on site. This gearbox had very sensitive components which had to remain completely dry.
The second shelter we shrink-wrapped was required for long term work. The shelter was to accommodate the maintenance of 8 barges over 8 months. The barges would be rolled in and out of the front of the shelter once works were complete.

Meeting Internal & External Clearances

The design for each shelter had to meet strict external and internal clearances. The external outline of the design could not encroach on any roads or walkways. The internal clearances are needed to allow for the horizontal movement of the barges each month but still be close enough to work the faces of the barge once in position.

The internal span was large at around 12m and the height at around 7m. Ideally, we would have preferred the width of the two outer scaffolds to be much wider, but the walkways and roads would not allow this. Our engineer required some extra bracing and counterweight to overcome this.

Capable of Handling A Range of Temperatures

Our shrink wrap product is very capable of handling the range of temperature it is exposed to from winter to summer in Sydney.

There were not many challenges with this project as Sydney City Marine were very accommodating, allowing us enough space to work safely and giving us the flexibility of truck delivery times. We used temporary scaffolds to install the product along the rooftop and ensured decks and handrails were in place for the sides. The client only required access to the first lift at 2m.

Why Use Shrink Wrap For Marines?

The use of shrink wrap is very common in the marine maintenance and transport world due to it being:

  1. Cost-efficient
  2. Quick to install
  3. Very versatile
  4. Waterproof
  5. Hard-wearing

And, still with the nautical theme, we’ve done a lot of boat shrink wrap work for a lot of the same reasons above – the versatility of shrink wrap is hard to better.

Another Successful Shrink Wrap Project

All in all this was another great project to demonstrate the usefulness of our shrink wrap services. To see how shrink wrap can help you with your next project just get in touch.

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