Residential Scaffolding – Roof Replacement Scaffold, Carabella St, Kirribilli


Roof Restoration Scaffolding

Scaffolding System:
Lightweight Aluminium Modular Scaffold


February – March 2021

Roof Restoration Scaffolding at Kirribilli

Last month Stronghold Hire was asked to provide a scaffold for a full roof restoration on a boutique block of units at Kirribilli. The client also needed access on three of the sides to the loft access doors. One of the elevations had a series of lower roofs that we had to overcome. The roofing contractor required a 2.4m x 2.4m heavy-duty loading bay, fall edge protection on all gables and a 5-board scaffold at gutter height for the perimeter. Fire retardant mesh and stretcher stair were also included as per standard.

The First Scaffolding Challenge

Our first challenge was the delivery and pick up of scaffold material and how we would be able to store materials overnight during the erection and dismantle stages. Car parking in this street is extremely limited so the use of the residents’ car spaces had to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Once we worked out the design and the footprint of the scaffold (including the loading bay and stretcher stair) we were able to decipher exactly how many car spaces would be required. We managed to keep the car spaces down to 4 which the residents were very happy with as they were expecting all of them to be taken.

Coordinated Scaffold Delivery

This made things a little trickier in the way that we had to deliver the material and which parts of the scaffold we needed to erect first, but we overcame it. We also had to work with the residents to ensure that all deliveries were after 9 am and before 2 pm as the unloading area would block the entrance to the car park. Our truck drivers are very experienced, and we usually manage to unload a full truck of 12 packs within 15-20 minutes with the truck-mounted cranes.

Narrow Half Deck Aluminium Modular Scaffold to the Rescue

The rear of the property was very close to the boundary fence giving us only 650mm to work with. This distance is too narrow for a standard scaffold, so we used our narrow half deck aluminium modular scaffold in this area with a full-width external hop up for the drop-down ladders where required.

Roof Replacement Scaffolding

We returned during the roof replacement to work in with the roofers to supply scaffold around the chimneys also. Again, our lightweight aluminium modular scaffold was used to get around these chimneys for the minor works required.

Flexible Scaffolding Solutions

As the job further progressed the residents explored the idea of painting the higher parts of the building whilst the scaffold was already in a position. It required some slight modifications and addition of scaffold to some areas, so we were able to put in a very small variation cost with which they immediately accepted. This scenario is quite common when the client understands the opportunity, they have to save money further down the track.

A Project With A View

Kirribilli is a lovely part of Sydney with a great backdrop of the city and bridge so we thought we would use the services of our friends at HLH Marketing to capture some drone footage, please enjoy.

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