Residential Roof Repair – Bellevue Hill


Residential Roof Repair

Scaffolding System:
Mixed system comprising parapet clamps and commercial brackets


December 2023

Time Scale:
2 weeks

Residential Roof Repair in Bellevue Hill

Objective and Scope of Work

In the picturesque Bellevue Hill, our team faced the task of providing robust edge protection for a residential building undergoing critical roof repairs. The challenge was to ensure absolute safety without compromising the aesthetics of the property or causing undue disruption.

Customised Systems for Enhanced Safety

We employed a mixed system approach, blending our parapet clamp with the commercial bracket. This bespoke combination was chosen after careful consideration of the building’s structure and the specific requirements of the roof repair work. Our collaboration with the builder led to a consensus that this mixed scaffolding system was the optimal solution.

Dual Benefits of the Mixed System

The integration of two systems allowed us to offer comprehensive perimeter edge protection, crucial for worker safety during roof repairs. An added advantage was the minimisation of drilling and the subsequent need for patching, preserving the integrity of the building’s exterior. Moreover, the swift installation of this system ensured we didn’t impede the builder’s timeline, maintaining efficiency and minimising on-site disruption.

Versatility of Our Edge Rail Systems

Our edge rail systems are renowned for their versatility, catering to a wide array of scenarios. We offer solutions that range from non-invasive options, suitable for delicate structures, to robust setups for more demanding environments. Whether it’s heavy-duty steel scaffolding for major construction projects or lightweight aluminium scaffolding for residential repairs, our systems can be tailored to meet diverse needs. This flexibility, coupled with our adherence to AS/NZS 4994.2, AS/NZS 4576, and AS/NZS 1576 standards, ensures that we can provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for fall risk mitigation.

Commitment to Excellence in Edge Protection Services

Our dedicated edge protection team is always ready to assist with expert advice and tailored solutions. Understanding the unique challenges of each project allows us to deliver unparalleled service. For those planning upcoming projects requiring edge protection, we invite you to reach out for a consultation. Contact us at (02) 8985 2020, email or contact us online to receive a comprehensive and free quote within 24 hours.

Top Tier Edge Protection Sydney

In conclusion, the Bellevue Hill project stands as a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier edge protection solutions. Our ability to adapt and deliver customised systems ensures that we can meet the safety needs of any project, regardless of its scale or complexity.

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