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Jan 2022

Matraville Residential Edge Rail Protection Project

Recently Stronghold Hire was engaged by one of our solar panel installer clients to provide edge protection to the side of residential property in Matraville.

Increase in Demand for Edge Protection

Stronghold Hire has seen an increase in demand for edge protection due to new laws introduced for the installation of solar panels. This prompted us to launch our new Edge Protection service in 2021.

Scaffold or Edge Rail Protection?

Stronghold Hire can assess and advise on what system is best to use (scaffold or edge rail) to ensure it is the most cost effective but also has the degree of safety required for the task ahead.

Some of the factors that influence this decision are:

  1. Accessibility to the site.
  2. Roof pitch.
  3. Type of work being carried out.
  4. Height and shape of the building.
  5. Duration of the project.

More information can be found on this in a recent article we published Scaffold vs Edge Protection.

This Matraville project is a good example of when edge rail protection can be used over scaffold as it had poor access and a lower roof structure below.

Edge Protection Residential Bracket System

We used our ‘Residential bracket system’ here for the following reasons:

  1. Limited access to the property.
  2. Adjoining lower roof structures present.
  3. New renovation so penetrable anchors were not preferred.
  4. The roof pitch was no greater than 26 degrees as per the Australian standard for edge rail.
  5. The shape of eaves and soffits was suitable.

High Quality Edge Protection

The job was installed using fall arrest equipment by qualified scaffolders as per all of our jobs. The images showcase the high quality of the edge protection product as well as how cautious our workers are. We express to our scaffolders the importance of never damaging the surface on which the edge rail protection connects.

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