Qudos Bank Arena Mass Vaccination Centre – Shrink Wrap


Qudos Bank Arena Mass Vaccination Centre

Scaffolding System:
Shrink Wrap

Qudos Bank

August 2021

Qudos Bank Arena Mass Vaccination Centre – Shrink Wrap Project

This month Stronghold Hire was asked to help with the new mass vaccination centre at Qudos Bank Arena in Olympic Park. The centre was set up to offer thousands of Year 12 students the opportunity of a COVID-19 vaccination. The centre will have the capacity to administer approximately 4,000 vaccinations per day and vaccinate up to 24,000 students in the hope of them returning to face-to-face learning as soon as possible.

Practical Solutions from Shrink Wrap

We received a call to discuss whether our shrink wrap product would be suitable to install on the new temporary access stairs that were being erected to facilitate the 4,000 students per day. The client was looking for a solution to make the cleaning of the stairs more practical.

Stairs Wrapped in Shrink Wrap

Scaffolding stretcher stairs consist of many different components such as standards, ledgers, braces, etc. These components would be difficult to keep clean and hygienic, especially in a case of an outbreak at the centre.
The idea was to wrap the stairs in the product, to produce a smooth, clean surface that can easily be cleaned and hygienically maintained.

Tight Deadlines – Met

Within 24 hours of the initial call, Stronghold Hire was on site starting the install of the first stair scaffold. There were 15 in total to complete in less than 48 hours. This was an extremely tight deadline, but it had to be done, an extension of time was out of the question.

Working In Unison

The client and the scaffolders onsite were extremely accommodating and helpful, working with us to achieve a common goal. They assisted our installers, working in front with preparation and behind with the finer touches of completion.

The deadline was met, and the project was a success. We only hope that the facility benefits the thousands of students in obtaining their HSC’s this year. Good luck to all 2021 HSC Students, we’ve got our fingers crossed for you!

The Versatility of Shrink Wrap

This is just another example of how versatile our shrink wrap product can be. Other shrink wrap uses that we have installed were:

  1. Dust Suppression
  2. Shot Blast
  3. Paint Removal
  4. Weather Protection
  5. Aesthetics
  6. Boat Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrapping Services

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