Edge Protection – Penrith Pole-Up and Commercial Bracket Edge Protection


Edge Protection, Penrith

Scaffolding System:
the Pole-Up and Commercial Bracket

Residential Client

April 2023

Roof Edge Protection Across 2 levels to Allow a Complete Re-Roof

On this project, we were asked to provide safe roof edge protection to a double-story building across 2 levels. The customer had originally reached out for scaffolding but due to not having access along both sides and then pedestrian access along the front, we knew this was a job for edge protection. This job definitely had many challenges along the way.

Edge Protection Systems Used

We used a of the mix of pole-up system and commercial bracket system. We used the pole-up along the front edges where we had a soffit. We then used the commercial bracket along the side where we were 10 meters high and had no access from the ground. To install this system, we first had to install a temporary lifeline to allow our employees to clip on to and then work in fall restraint. After being clipped on they installed the sides by drilling into the masonry and screwing in a few small screws to hold the bracket, we then installed the tubes and whilst remaining clipped on used progressive handrailing we installed the edge protection handrails. The team then began to work on the lower front section, the pole-up system was then installed from the ground. After this was installed, the team worked behind this first rail and installed the second pole-up system for the upper roof.

Commercial Brackets Needed

The job was a difficult job with access being restricted to both sides of the building and having a restricted working area due to the front of the building and a public footpath. Fortunately we could install the commercial bracket from the roof and then we could install the pole-up system in a small working area.

Versatile Edge Rail Systems

The edge rail systems that we offer are very versatile and can adapt to many different scenarios. With noninvasive options and a wide variety of brackets, we can usually find a solution for most work-at-height needs.

Also, we offer both heavy-duty steel scaffold and lightweight aluminum mobile scaffold, sometimes used in conjunction with the edge rail system, we can usually find a suitable, cost-effective solution to eliminate your fall from height risks. All edge rail systems are compliant with AS/NZS 4994.2 and scaffolding standards AS/NZS 4576 and AS/NZS 1576.

Edge Protection Sydney

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