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Modular Steel & Aluminium Scaffolds


May 2022

Commercial Scaffolding Campsie - Cladding Replacement

This month Stronghold was engaged by one of our long-standing clients to provide scaffolds for cladding replacement.

New Laws & Regulations for Combustible Cladding

Following tragic fires in London and Melbourne, the government brought in new laws and regulations on combustible cladding. Owners of buildings with external combustible cladding were required to register their buildings with the NSW government. The government aims to have all combustible cladding removed by the end of 2023.

Modular Steel & Aluminium Scaffolds

This Sydney based scaffold project consisted of 24 areas of cladding across 9 buildings, all under the same address. We decided that we would provide both steel modular and aluminium modular scaffolds depending on the location and size of each scaffold. Luckily for us, all the scaffolds were within a 30-second walk of each other.

Scaffolding for Cladding Removal Considerations

When providing scaffolds for these types of jobs there are several factors to consider:

  1. How do we anchor the scaffold with minimum disruption to the cladding replacement?
  2. Coordination with the residents that live thereby having to gain access to courtyards and respecting their privacy.
  3. Coordination with any business owners such as shops and cafes to ensure that they remain 100% operational.
  4. Safe movement of materials from one area to another.
  5. Organising areas for truck deliveries, truck pickups and overnight storage of equipment.
  6. Creating safe drop zones and re-directing residents whilst the scaffolds are being erected and dismantled.
  7. Preparation of garden beds and lawns to ensure they are suitable for scaffolds that are 20m high.

Preferred Contractor for Scaffolding for Cladding

We are very accustomed to this type of work, and we rarely come across something that we haven’t seen before. We believe that our clients are very aware of this which results in us being the preferred contractor amongst the competition for scaffold hire in Sydney.

Mast Climbers or Swing Stage Platform Options

Many of the cladding replacement jobs across the state can be completed with mast climbers or swing stage platforms but there are also a lot of situations where these are just not feasible, and a scaffold is the only way.

Stage 1 Safely Completed

We have completed stage 1 of this project with no problems or issues, there has been an excellent open line of communication and the client is very professional. In the coming months, we expect to be completing the second stage of this project with another lot of scaffolds to be erected. It is super convenient for us as all the scaffolding and materials are already at the address minimising our lead times.

Cladding Replacement Scaffolds – Erected on Time

All the cladding replacement scaffolds were erected on time, even with inclement weather doing its best to interrupt us. On the first day of dismantling, we hired our drone videography specialist Michael from HLH Marketing to drone the project. He did an incredible job at showcasing the full-size scale of works, and we recommend him to any construction companies looking to add some unique aerial angles to their website or portfolio.

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