9m High Mobile Scaffolds at Angel Place, Sydney CBD


Ceiling Works @ Angel Place, CBD

Scaffolding System:
Aluminium Kwik Stage Scaffold

Commercial Client

April 2019

Aluminium Kwik Stage Scaffold Hire Angel Place CBD

Stronghold Hire have recently been inundated with requests for aluminium scaffolding projects and this is a recent one with some tight deadlines in Angel Place, CBD.

A Safe Working Platform for Ceiling Works

Stronghold Hire were engaged to provide a safe working platform for some light duty ceiling works at Angel Place, CBD.

One option presented to the client was to provide a large birdcage type scaffold to cover the whole ceiling in one go.

The issue is that the working timeframes were very small.

Project Challenges

Firstly, the scaffold to be erected was to be installed on the 14th floor meaning that all material had to be brought up via the goods lift and then handled through office space.

The time allocated to the lift and loading dock for us was only 1 hour!

Secondly, we only had the time period of 6am to 8.30am before all office staff would arrive.

And lastly, as always, there were budgets that had to be met.

9m High Mobile Scaffold

It was because of these 3 reasons above that we suggested a large 9m high mobile scaffold – similar to the one used during renovation work at the prestigious Sancta Sofia college that would require much fewer components. This meant less materials handling and of course less scaffolding hire and scaffolding labour hire.

The scope then altered to include access to the Skylights that were approximately 1.5m higher than the ceiling. The solution was simple, provide an extra mobile scaffold at a different working height.

The client and building management were very happy with this second proposal.

Custom Made Scaffolding Trollies

We used custom made trollies to ensure we stayed well within our 1 hour time slot for the lift and loading dock. We also had to add buttress bays and extra bracing to the scaffolds to reduce the height to minimum base width ratio and ensure a safe, solid working platform.

Although they were fairly ‘bulky’ due to the buttress bays, the lightweight kwik stage aluminium scaffolding system that we used ensured that they were very easy to move around and work with.

Aluminium Scaffolding Success

Even there there were some tight deadlines here for this project and specific budgets to be met we’re happy with the job that was done – another successful project and another happy client!!

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