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Sancta Sofia College, Camperdown

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Dec 2017 – Ongoing

Aluminium Mobile Towers at Sancta Sofia College, Camperdown

Stronghold Hire was recently approached by one of their long-standing clients to provide a solution to their access problems at the prestigious Sancta Sofia College in Camperdown. They were upgrading their fire sprinkler system there and needed to ensure that our scaffolds would not overload the heritage listed timber flooring inside. A few simple calculations showed that our aluminium mobile scaffold towers would be perfect for this project.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolds And Delicate Work

Aluminium mobile scaffold towers were needed in 8 rooms at the school whereby, the utmost care had to be taken whilst carrying the material in and out of these areas. The school has beautiful internal finishes, a small chip or scratch from carrying scaffold material would not be at all acceptable!
In the chapel of the school the scaffold had to span across the alter, we decided a simple fixed scaffold with heavy duty aluminium trusses would be the easiest solution for this and it worked perfectly.

Investing in Aluminium Scaffolding

Stronghold Hire are continually investing in aluminium stock to match our abundant steel scaffold supply. We currently own both the frame and kwik-stage modular systems. Although very lightweight, the aluminium kwik-stage scaffold is medium duty (rated at 450kg SWL) and the frame scaffold is light duty) rated at 225kg SWL).

We are continuously increasing the amount of jobs that require these systems, especially internal areas like lift shafts, hotel foyers, school classrooms, stairways, etc. basically anywhere that has finished surfaces and steel scaffold would not be suitable.

Cost Effective Aluminium Scaffolding

We have a range of the customers that we service with the aluminium scaffolds including; painters, electricians, plumbers, lift maintenance, fire protection installers and home owners. They are perfect for inaccessible areas but also for jobs that will only take a couple of days. In these latter instances they are very cost effective as the saving on labour outweighs the extra cost associated with hiring aluminium scaffold.

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