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Safety Precautions Hiring Mobile Scaffolding - FAQ - Stronghold

Safety Precautions When Hiring a Mobile Scaffold FAQ

Do you have a small job to do around your home or on your building site that requires the use of a mobile scaffold? Mobile scaffold is very versatile and an ideal scaffolding system to use for a variety of projects but you should also be aware of the safety precautions when hiring aluminium mobile scaffold. In this post we’ll touch on some of the safety items you should bear in mind when using mobile scaffold.

Can anyone hire a mobile scaffold?

No, if the scaffold deck height is over 3.9m then you must engage a qualified scaffolder, preferably from a reputable supplier.

Do I need to be certified to use mobile scaffold?

If only above 3.9m high, however, we recommend that you always engage a certified, experienced scaffolder to erect and dismantle regardless of the height. The majority of accidents on scaffolds are under 4m high, largely due to complacency.

What stops the scaffold from toppling over?

Mobile scaffolds come with extendable supports or outriggers. Even with these supports, you need to assess the height x minimum base relationship which was explained in more detail in a previous article aluminium mobile scaffold hire.

What ground conditions are suitable for mobile scaffold?

A mobile scaffold runs on wheels, and although it may be made from aluminium and classed as light-duty, there are still considerable point loads. Smooth, solid surfaces such as concrete work best for mobile scaffold.

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How much room is needed for mobile scaffold?

Be careful with this one. A scaffold width description may mislead the inexperienced scaffold renter. For instance, a single deck scaffold may be described as 700mm wide. However, in reality, the minimum width required, including a room to move it may be closer to 800mm or even 900mm depending on the system.

How high can I go with a mobile scaffold?

Generally, after 10m high they become very difficult to move around and you must ensure that the castors are rated for the live loads. At 10m high, you would need approximately 3.5m minimum base width for it to be safely self-supporting.

Can I attach mesh or debris netting to a mobile scaffold?

For internal jobs with no wind loads then this may be acceptable, again this would have to be assessed by an experienced, qualified person. For external works, we would never fit debris netting to a mobile scaffold. Chain wire may be accepted.

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Does mobile scaffold require toe boards?

Yes, any scaffold over 1.5m requires toe boards. Toe boards are there to protect people working within the vicinity from falling objects such as tools and materials being kicked off the deck.

What will Stop me from falling through the ladder hole?

All mobile scaffold decks should have ladder hatches. The ladder should be set at a 4:1 ratio, ensuring that it does not foul the hatch to get to the closed position. The hatch should only ever be opened when entering or leaving the workspace, it should be in the closed position at all other times.

What stops the mobile scaffold from rolling?

All mobile scaffold castors should be fitted with brakes. The brakes should be easy to operate and clearly marked for on and off (this is sometimes colour coded red and green). If your mobile scaffold has faulty brakes do not use it and contact your supplier to come and replace them.

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Better to be safe than sorry

If you have any more questions regarding hiring a mobile scaffold then feel free to contact us online or call our office line on (02) 8985 2020. If you are thinking of hiring a mobile scaffold, we hope this article has helped you. Always remember if you are unsure then engage a professional. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


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