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Edge Protection Construction - Sydney Stronghold

The Importance of Edge Protection in Construction Sites

There are many important reasons to use edge protection on construction sites and here we’ll outline a few reasons as to why edge protection is important.

Safety First, Always

Firstly, the main reason that we do what we do is safety. First and foremost. We believe everyone should feel and be safe whilst at work or conducting any work at height. We believe everyone should #gethomesafe. We have high standards at Stronghold Hire because we know the repercussion of us not working effectively could be high and cost lives. All our edge rail jobs are installed to meet and exceed the current AS/NZS 4994.2 standards set out by the Australian government.

Safety First Scaffolding Hire Sydney - Stronghold

Meet Deadlines

Secondly, the importance of a safe work environment means jobs can run smoothly and meet the deadlines set with no setbacks. If edges are left unprotected, they pose a risk, if these risks transpire this could add lengthy delays to the projects. If the edge is protected it also allows free movement on/in the area above and is not restricting like rope and grab. Edge protection also allows you to access corners and allows workers to cross over without their ropes getting in the way and tangling.

Collective Form of Edge Protection

Furthermore, edge protection provides a collective form of fall protection therefore you aren’t just protecting the workers you are protecting everyone who could potentially fall from height. This collective form of fall protection comes pretty high up the hierarchy of control, as much as we would like people not to need to work from height that is not reasonably practicable, edge protection helps reduce that risk dramatically.

Safe Work NSW Regulations

Safe Work NSW deems work at a height anywhere someone or something would fall from one level to another. This isn’t just when working on a building, it can also be when working on the ground near excavations. So, to ensure you are complying with the regulation of safe work it is imperative that you protect any edges. Safe Work’s main job is to give advice on improving work health and safety, provide licenses and registration for potentially dangerous work, investigate workplace incidents, and enforce work health and safety laws in NSW. They have the power to: Enter any premises they have reason to believe is a place of work, conduct interviews and make inquiries, take photographs, recordings, measurements, and samples*, gather, examine, and copy documents, and secure or seize evidence. If found guilty of not following the NSW safe work procedures, you could end up with a heavy fine and possible prosecution.

Edge Protection Sydney Construction

Edge Protection Sydney

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