Specialised Scaffolding – Sydney Cricket Ground


Sydney Cricket Ground, Moore Park.

Scaffolding System:
Specialised Scaffold

Sydney Cricket

Spring 2018

Specialised Scaffolding for Sydney Cricket Ground, Moore Park

This week Stronghold Hire were engaged to provide a landing platform and smaller scaffolds for modification work to the Clive Churchill Scoreboard at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground in Moore Park.

Loading Platform & Crane

Our client required a loading platform to land a small crane approximately 2 ton with a ramp so that it could track across the platform onto the grandstand walkway.

We designed the scaffold so that there was minimum work required to the stadium itself with only one row of seats removed.

Basic Engineering

We also provided some smaller scaffolds to work on parts of the scoreboard as requested. This project was very straightforward with the engineering very basic for these loads.

We also had use of the clients crane for material movement which enabled us to easily complete the job in 2 days.

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