Specialised Scaffolding – St. Peters Brick Kiln Chimneys


St. Peter’s Brick Kiln Chimney

Scaffolding System:
Tube & Fitting Scaffold

Atlas Access

Early 2017

Specialised Scaffolding for St Peters Brick Kiln Chimneys Sydney

Stronghold Hire were approached back in May 2017 by Atlas Access to work on one of Sydney’s historical landmarks, the St. Peters Brick kiln chimneys.

Historic Scaffolding Project

The chimneys are over 120 years old and are rich in history. They have towered over St Peters for 123 years and have become a symbol of the area’s humble working-class beginnings and the city’s industrial heritage. Proudly standing at the northwestern corner of Sydney Park, the four chimneys were part of massive kilns that fired the bricks that helped build Sydney.

The chimneys were in need of major renovation which started in early 2017. We were asked to provide a safe structure to support abseil workers for the removal and re-instatement of approximately 1.5m of the top of each chimney. The challenge was that we could not attach or bear load on this top portion of the chimney as it was being completely removed.

Engineer Approved Tube & Fitting Scaffold Solution

We worked closely with Andy the engineer and the guys from Atlas Access to come up with a simple tube and fitting type scaffold with small ladder beams which were designed to take the weight of 2 men plus tools and materials. We had to get deep inside the chimney with our anchor points ensuring that we were clear of the top portion of the chimney. Elevated work platforms (EWP’s) were used for the erection and dismantle stage. Erection was completed in 2 days and dismantle in 1 day staying well within the given timeframe and budget.

Atlas Access & Stronghold Hire

The job was a great success and we have since developed our relationship further with Atlas Access who also provide a variety of training courses including rope access and WAH (working at height) qualifications.

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