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ABC Studios

Scaffolding System:
Shrink Wrap / Encapsulation

ABC Studios

June 2020

Shrink Wrap / Encapsulation at The Design Build Expo 2019

Stronghold Hire was recently asked to provide shrink wrap to a scaffold at ABC Studios, Ultimo in Sydney. We were approached by another scaffolding company who were already doing works at the premises. Their client requested them to design and build a temporary shelter so that they could remove some of the roof structure with no risk of water ingress from rainfall.

Shrink Wrap Scaffolding Plans

The scaffold plans were sent to us so that we could supply a fixed quotation to supply and install the shrink-wrap product to their scaffold. The scaffolding and shrink wrap was to be carried out in multiple stages which we took into consideration.

The scaffold plans that came through from their engineer were perfectly designed to work with our product ensuring there were no sharp edges or protruding tubes or beams. We can still work around protruding components or oddly shaped objects but the more streamlined we can make the scaffold then the easier and cheaper it is for us to install the shrink-wrap product.

Shrink Wrap with Premium Fire-Retardant

As with most of our commercial projects in Sydney, the client requested the premium fire-retardant product. This product is extremely strong, perfect for scaffold and temporary roof installations and of course, completely fire retardant.

Rain On The Scaffolding Parade

We installed the shrink wrap to the scaffold for stage 1 with no problems encountered and the product was completely installed within 2 days. We were happy with the installation and foresaw no problems until we got a call back to the job 3 weeks later. We had encountered some torrential weather over the space of around 4-5 days and a ‘bubble’ had formed on a small area of the roof surface. The bubble is a collection of water that had not run off the same as the rest of the roof. It is very rare that this happens and is an easy fix, however, in hindsight we should have asked for the beam spacing to be a little closer at design stage and Stronghold Hire hold their hand up to not voicing this.

Reaching For High Levels of Perfection

In business and construction mistakes will happen, not everyone is perfect, the important thing is that you own that mistake and learn from it. We fixed the bubble in a couple of hours, this didn’t affect the project in any way but as a reputable company that takes huge pride in our work, we wanted to ensure this didn’t happen again.

On Time and Budget

For the next stages, the scaffolders brought the beam spacing a little closer. The project was able to be finished on time and budget making it another example of how versatile scaffolding shrink wrap is!

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