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Shrink Wrap


April 2024

Shrink Wrap Project in Vaucluse

This month Stronghold Hire worked with one of our long-standing clients to provide a shrink wrap solution for keeping their workplace dry and out of the elements.

Shrink Wrap To The Rescue

The project involved the extension of a balcony to further improve the wonderful existing views across Sydney Harbour. The extension of the balcony meant that a large portion of the roof below needed to be removed. The problem is that the area under the roof is newly renovated and occupied. This area obviously needed to be kept clean and dry.

The property is in the beautiful suburb of Vaucluse, which has sweeping views of the Harbour, including the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The suburb is on the water, which, although prime real estate, can be prone to heavy wind gusts from the ocean.

Challenges With Temporary Scaffold Roofs

One of the biggest challenges that our engineers face when designing temporary scaffold roofs is the wind and uplift. Especially in these areas on the water’s edge. Without excessive counterweight, we rely on solid structure to anchor the scaffold down.

Full 3D Models for Visualisation

After supplying a basic design and estimate of costs, we engaged our engineers to produce a drawing. We had no accurate scaled plans of the building, so they came in with their 3D scanner and worked their magic. The service that they provide is second to none, with full 3D models so it is easier for the client to visualize and very detailed drawings that make it easy for our installers to follow and ensure nothing is missed.

Temporary Gutter Systems

As always, water run off needs to be discussed, sometimes we bring in roof plumbers to set up temporary gutter systems, but we were lucky enough to be able to design the temporary shelter to use the existing systems on the balconies and surrounding roofs.

Keeping The Site & Area Protected

The area to the rear was covered in timber decking, so we worked closely with the builder to mark out exactly where the scaffold legs would be sitting so that we could remove the timber slats in those areas only and leave 90% of the decking in place.

There was also a pool at the rear, which we easily spanned with the use of some ladder beams and a little protection. Many of our scaffolds are installed on high-end residential properties in sought after suburbs, so we are experienced in ensuring that great care is taken, and areas are protected.

Another Shrink Wrap Project Success

This project took approximately 2 weeks to complete, with our client being extremely satisfied with the service. All in all it was another shrink wrap project success and we’re already getting the ute loaded up and ready for the next one!

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