Shrink Wrap Scaffold Weather Tent – A Record-Breaking Project at Castle Cove, NSW


Weather Tent

Scaffolding System:
Shrink Wrap / Encapsulation

Castle Cove

June 2023

Shrink Wrap Scaffold Weather Tent

In an exciting endeavour this month at Stronghold Hire, we embarked on an ambitious high-end residential project located in the picturesque Castle Cove, NSW. The project posed intriguing challenges, pushing us to set new benchmarks in scaffold design and weatherproofing solutions for exposed concrete ceilings.

The Challenge:

The unique design of this project incorporated exposed concrete ceilings. This meant that the area slated for concrete pouring had to remain entirely free from water, dust, and debris. Earlier, the builders had attempted to protect the first slab using timber framing and a large tarpaulin. Although successful, the process proved challenging, which led them to seek our expertise.

The Task

We entered the project during the slab pour stage. Our task was to construct a free-standing scaffold system for two more slabs, reaching a height of 8m. Having created scaffold shrink wrap structures up to 8m high before, we had the experience, but the 18m span width of this project set a new record for Stronghold Hire. Unflinchingly, we seized this golden opportunity.

Engineering the Scaffold

Our initial task was to collaborate with an engineer to design the scaffold. Fortuitously, the site had ample surrounding rock structure that allowed us to anchor the scaffold effectively – a critical aspect given the substantial span and the challenge of uplift.

The Design

Considering the span, we decided on a gabled design for robustness. Yet, extra support was essential internally. Working closely with the engineer and builder, we came up with innovative solutions, one of which was to use the lift shaft running almost central to the project. We also added temporary supports that could be repositioned after the first pour.

Execution and Completion

Following design approval, we were set with a 14-day completion window. The first slab was approximately 7m above street level, and we crane-lifted the initial 20 tons of material. To facilitate further deliveries, we erected a loading bay at the front of the job. This allowed our truck crane to deliver the remaining material, reducing costs by eliminating the need for further independent cranes.

Safety and Installation

Safety is our paramount concern. All tubes, bracing, and anchors had safety fittings installed. After ensuring the scaffold was completed according to the design, we moved to the shrink wrap installation stage. Despite the project’s size, we aimed to complete the roof sheeting in a single day and were fortunate with low wind speed and dry conditions.

Project Conclusion

With the timely completion of the project, we’ve managed to ensure that the weather will not interfere with the project’s progress. This ambitious project at Castle Cove has been a valuable addition to Stronghold Hire’s portfolio, and we eagerly look forward to overcoming new challenges in the future.

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