Shrink Wrap – Iconic Suntory Vending Machine at Darling Harbour


Suntory Vending Machine at Darling Harbour

Scaffolding System:
Shrink Wrap / Encapsulation


October 2023

Suntory Vending Machine Shrink Wrap - Darling Harbour

Stronghold Hire prides itself on versatility and rising to meet unique challenges. Our experience has seen us tackle a plethora of unique requests, but the latest project for Japanese beverage giant Suntory is one for the books.

The Suntory Shrink Wrap Brief

Suntory sought to make a splash at SXSW Sydney with an eye-catching promotion for their new drink -196. Their vision? A mammoth three-story vending machine, strategically placed in Tumbalong Park at the bustling heart of Darling Harbour. Not just a static display, this vending machine was an interactive marvel complete with a scaffold and staging structure, draped in a vibrant fabric print. The crowning feature was a sun deck complete with a rooftop bar and DJ booth, offering panoramic views of the city centre.

Stronghold Hire x Suntory

Stronghold Hire was called upon to execute a critical aspect of this structure: the shrink wrap installation. Tasked with replicating the look of a refrigerator’s interior, our goal was to ensure the wrap was white, glossy, and textured to perfection. Despite this being an uncharted territory for us, the client entrusted us with delivering an exceptional finish.

Challenges & Solutions

The project was not without its hurdles, each met with our signature resolve:

  • Tight Deadlines: Our adept project management ensured the allocation of ample resources to meet the project’s rigorous timeline.
  • Scaffold Supplied by Others: Collaboration is key, and our history of joint efforts stood us in good stead. We were granted permission to modify the existing scaffold, thanks to our early establishment of a robust relationship with the supplier.
  • Complex Internal Structure: The irregular shape of the interior, dotted with scaffold components, presented a considerable challenge. Precision was paramount, as our work involved meticulous cuts and welds to ensure the wrap’s aesthetic purpose was fulfilled.

Project Outcome

This project stands testament to the versatility and utility of shrink wrap installation. Through innovative problem-solving and skilled execution, Stronghold Hire once again delivered a successful install, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to meet any project’s demands, no matter how unconventional.

Dynamic & Resourceful

The giant Suntory vending machine was not just a promotional stunt but a fusion of form, function, and creativity, further cementing Stronghold Hire’s reputation as a dynamic and resourceful player in the construction services industry. If you have a challenging project then get in touch.

Credit to (Minus 196) on Instagram for their photos.

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