Shrink Wrap Encapsulation – Point Piper


Point Piper

Scaffolding System:
Shrink Wrap / Encapsulation


August/September 2018

Shrink Wrap / Encapsulation at Point Piper

Stronghold Hire were recently engaged to provide temporary shelter for waterproofing works at Point Piper overlooking the harbour.

Challenging Scaffolding Conditions

One of the challenges was that we were not allowed to anchor in the scaffold to any of the existing walls or floor slabs so counterweights had to be used. Due to the high wind loads in this area it was calculated that we could only sheet 5m x 5m sections to stay within safe weight limits for the supporting slab. The scaffold was moved around in stages working in with the tradesmen on site.

Structural Steel Use

We were able to use structural steel in some areas in order to give them as much working space as possible and minimise disruption to the program.

Shrink Wrapped Scaffold for A Clean Work Environment

The program was very tight with all works to be completed in 6 weeks which we achieved. The scaffolding shrink wrap provided the team with an environment where they could do the required task without negatively impacting any of the local amenities whilst the works were happening.

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