Rubbish Chute, Point Piper


Piper Point

Rubbish Chute


May 2019

Rubbish Chute for Scaffolding – Point Piper

Stronghold Hire were engaged to provide a rubbish chute at a unit block in Point Piper.

Demolition Debris Removal

The client was renovating the inside of the apartment and the first stage was to demolish and remove the bathroom, kitchen and timber flooring. As with all demolition work this results in a lot of debris which needs to be removed from the site and using a rubbish chute system is a quick, clean and safe way of removing debris.

Rubbish Chute ‘Ducts’

Stronghold hire are able to provide ‘ducts’ measuring up to 2.4m x 2.4m using scaffold and plywood which allow machines to dispose of demolition waste safely and efficiently into tipper trucks or bins at street level.

This project was obviously fairly small and everything would be removed by hand.

Easy, Quick & Safe Rubbish Chutes

Therefore, the easiest, quickest and safest way to do this was to provide a rubbish chute. All of the demolished components were fairly small (the diameter of the GEDA chute is approx. 400mm).

Free Standing Rubbish Chute

On this install we did not have the luxury of attaching to a scaffold system so we attached the chute to the surrounding walls of the window by using tube and fitting scaffold to hold the chute frame.

13m Geda Rubbish Chute

The chute was fairly large coming in at around 13m long, these are not a problem for us to install as we use the GEDA winches to bring them up from the floor and into position.

24 Hour Rubbish Chute Turnaround

This install was very straight forward and completed within 3 hours. The turnaround time from request to install was also within 24 hours!

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