Rubbish Chute Install at Point Piper


Piper Point

Rubbish Chute


May 2020

Rubbish Chute Install at Point Piper

This month Stronghold Hire were approached for help with an internal renovation at Point Piper. The client needed to demolish the kitchens and bathrooms in the property. All of the tiles, sinks, cupboards and mirrors etc were to be dismantled and disposed of. The location of the property was raised up from street level so that was not the problem but what was the problem was that it was set back from the roadside meaning that a conventional rubbish chute set up would not work.

Rubbish Chute To The Rescue

They believed that they would need to employ general labourers to carry the material down the stairs to the bins at street level, this would have meant that their project would have gone over budget and not within their given deadline. We proposed that we could use some simple tube and fitting scaffold to create ‘stands’ for the chute to rest upon.

Getting The Angles Right

Our main concern with this set up was that we were not going to get the angle we desired. If chutes are set up too flat then the objects that they are disposing of will get stuck inside, if chutes are set up too steep with no gradual bend into the bins/trucks then the bottom sections get damaged from the vertical freefall impact.

No Win, No Fee

Although we were very confident that this would work, we explained to the client that this was going to be a trial and error set up with no 100% guarantee of a successful setup. Obviously, no charges would have been made to the client if we were unsuccessful.The client accepted this proposal and knew that this was a no-lose gamble as the alternative option of using labour would be much slower and way more expensive.

Easy Rubbish Removal

We installed the chute and with a little tweaking here and there we succeeded in providing a very smooth set up with objects of various shapes and sizes rolling through the chutes and into the bin with ease.

On Track and Under Budget

Needless to say, the client was absolutely delighted with the end result and their project was back on track and aiming to stay within budget.

Money Saving Rubbish Chutes

We have used these rubbish chutes in several different ways to help clients moving rubbish or debris from one point to another. We once set up a chute for the disposal of 9 tons of sand and earth that was getting excavated. This was an idea by the client that we had not come across or attempted before. It worked perfectly and saved the client a lot of money.

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