Rubbish Chute – Brown Street, Maroubra


Brown Street, Maroubra

Access Scaffold and Rubbish Chute

APT Roofing

August 2018

Rubbish Chute for Scaffolding – Brown Street, Maroubra

Stronghold Hire were engaged by APT roofing to supply an access scaffold and rubbish chute set up for roofing works in Brown Street, Maroubra.

New Rubbish Chute Service

This job had very few challenges, the usual factors such as good communication with the residents and drop zone barricades came into play and we also put in extra ties and pull tested them due to the high wind area. The waste material was only ceramic roof tiles so chute liners were not required on this particular project and the new rubbish chute system worked perfectly for this project.

Protecting the Scaffold

There was some electrical wiring which we insulated and also installed plywood protection to the outside of the scaffold.

Time Saving Rubbish Chutes!

The scaffold and chute set up took 6 hours and allowed the team to dispose of all rubbish in a quick and save manner resulting in shorter project times for all involved.

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