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Onslow Avenue, Potts Point.

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Dec 2015 – Mar 2016

Residential Scaffolding at Pott's Point

This project was undertaken for one of our very good clients who are a strata maintenance company.

The address was a large 10 storey block of units based in the heart of Potts Point with wonderful ocean views. The building required extensive work to all windows, crack repair, waterproofing and paint.

Residential Scaffolding With Limited Access

The project had very limited access and no room to store material overnight which resulted in the scaffold to be brought in and out of the address with 4-ton trucks to an unloading area. A telehandler would then get us a little closer and then finally the material would be walked to the first area of erection (the use of a crane was not an option unfortunately).

The deadlines on this project were flexible as the clients were looking for the most cost-effective solution to their access issues. It was due to this reason that we decided that the scaffold would be carried out in 3 stages, one elevation at a time (the building was almost triangular). By doing this way we cut down the amount of material that had to be brought into and away from site, reducing transport costs, materials movement costs and disruption to the surrounding properties to the laneway.

Scaffolding Safety Measures

This area is very close to the coastline and is subject to very high winds so particular attention was paid to the anchors that we used. We increased the ratio of anchors that we tested on this project, especially as the scaffold was 30m high in some places.

Time Constraints & A Successful Scaffolding Project

As this was a residential area we also had to work within time constraints of 9am to 4pm, this is not the first time we have done this and appreciate that the erection and dismantle of scaffolding is not a quiet process.

Although this project had some small challenges, everything ran very smoothly with the client and residents of the building very satisfied with the result.
Another successful strata maintenance scaffolding project.

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