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July 2022

Residential Scaffolding Matraville

It is a common misconception that Stronghold Hire does not provide many residential scaffolds. Well, you may be surprised to know that most of our projects are residential.

Competitive Residential Scaffolding Market

The residential scaffold market is fiercely competitive. This is due to several factors, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Residential scaffolds are very basic. Most require no engineering and can often be signed off with a basic scaffold ticket.
  2. Lots of the large residential sites are in the far west of Sydney. Scaffold storage and yard rent are much cheaper than other areas, reducing fixed overheads.
  3. Many residential scaffold companies are very small, with just one or two people taking care of the transport, yard storage, estimating and admin.
  4. Many residential scaffolds are not built to Australian standards. Yes, this is a bold statement but is true! Unfortunately, cheap scaffolds often mean that corners are cut with scaffold installs. You will often see scaffolds around Sydney, especially around residential buildings that are often missing or have incorrect bracing, tie spacing, access, toe boards, etc.
  5. Residential scaffolds are often not certified and inspected every 30 days. Many of the small residential scaffold suppliers do not have the resources to facilitate 30-day inspections as their inspectors are often too busy installing or removing other scaffolds each day.

Quality Residential Scaffolding Service

Here at Stronghold Hire, we strive to supply a professional service for residential scaffolds. We certainly are not the cheapest around but believe that we supply a quality service. Some of the smaller things that set us apart from the rest are:

  1. A full-time safety officer is employed. Our safety officer holds monthly safety meetings, carries out spot checks on jobs, inspects scaffolds, completes SWMS, maintains registers for PPE and service logs on vehicles plus much more. This officer also holds a basic scaffolders ticket.
  2. We have a strict 30-day inspection process, with re-certification and scaffold tagging.
  3. We do our best to ensure that all our leading hands have more than 10 years of experience.
  4. All workers are inducted into the company and given training on our field service app. From the app, the workers carry out and complete forms such as daily vehicle pre-start checks, and SWMS for all jobs and issue handover certificates to the client.
  5. We have a strict quality control system, whereby all equipment is checked on return to our yard and before delivery. We are slowly transitioning from painted material (that inevitably rusts) to galvanized.
  6. Although we own enough scaffolds to service our main clients, we also have access to an unlimited supply. Also, over the years we have built relationships with quality scaffold labour suppliers, ensuring that we can often service last-minute modification/install/dismantle requests during busy periods.

Residential Scaffolding Made Easy

The scaffold featured is a straightforward residential project in Matraville. This was turned around in a short space of time and erected on a weekend.

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