Industrial Scaffolding – VISY Paper Mill, Tumut


VISY Paper Mill at Smithfield/Tumut

Scaffolding System:
Steel Kwik-Stage and Tube & Coupler

Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services

2015, 2016, 2017

Industrial Scaffolding at VISY Papermill

Stronghold Hire scaffolding services supply labour to Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services for various industrial shutdown projects throughout the year in regional NSW.

Annual Maintenance of VISY Papermill, Tumut

One of the major projects that they undertake is the annual shutdown for VISY Papermill in Tumut, NSW. The plant only closes for approximately 3 weeks to undertake major maintenance of equipment and machinery whereby meeting deadlines is extremely important.

24/7 Shifted Scaffolding Work

The work is around the clock 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with shifts obviously rotating to ensure that workers do not exceed the very strict maximum hours allowed per week. Fatigue is monitored closely, especially in areas of high temperatures and limited access.

Experienced & Ticketed Scaffolders

We usually supply around 15 to 20 experienced scaffolders for this shutdown period with an extra 5 or so staying longer for pre-shut preparation and post shut work. All our scaffolders need to have current Working at Height and confined space tickets as well as their mandatory Scaffold certification.

Super Cup Lock And Tube & Coupler Scaffolding Systems

The systems that we use on the Mill are super cup lock and tube and coupler. Stronghold Hire have many scaffolders that originate from the United Kingdom whereby tube and coupler is the main system there. This experience is very valuable with this type of work as many of the scaffolds are more effective and easier to install if erected from tube and coupler.

Maintaining The Maintenance

We’ve enjoyed providing the scaffolding expertise and skills to the project at the Papermill and hope to continue to provide labour to BEIS and VISY in the forthcoming years for all their shutdown maintenance work.

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