Industrial Scaffolding – Sydney Harbour Bridge


Sydney Harbour Bridge Maintenance North Pylon

Scaffolding System:
HAKI Aluminium Modular System

Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services

September 2015 – Ongoing

Inudstrial Scaffolding at Sydney Harbour Bridge

Stronghold Hire were approached to provide the labour for the maintenance of the North Pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge via an ongoing contract.

Major Maintenance Works at Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Roads and Maritime services are currently undertaking major works to the underside of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the North Pylon. They are blasting, inspecting and painting the main chords and laterals that can be seen from Luna Park in Milsons Point.

With 5 to 8 employees there daily we are providing the labour for the erection, dismantle and all modifications to the scaffold. The lightweight system that we are using is called HAKI and is made in aluminium.

Advantages of HAKI Scaffolding

The advantage of this system over others is that we can stay well below the weight limits set by the RMS, enabling us to store material safely on the decks as we recycle the material from one stage to the next. This system allows minimal tools and safe methods of installing hung and cantilevered scaffolds.
Working closely with Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services (BEIS) management and engineers, the work requires the attention of our most experienced and highly skilled scaffolders to be carried out safely and correctly.

Safety Challenges

The main challenge that we have found on this project is the weather. Safety nets are set up by the RMS underneath the scaffold for falling debris etc. The area is subject to extremely high winds so we have to work closely with the net catchment team to ensure that the nets do not become tangled or interfere with the scaffold.

2 Years Without Incident

The project has been going for nearly 2 years without incident and Stronghold Hire hopes to continue this relationship with the RMS and BEIS for many years to come.

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