Commercial Scaffolding – Snapper Island, Sydney Harbour


Snapper Island, Sydney Harbour

Scaffolding System:
Galvanized Cup-Lock Scaffold

Polaris Marine

March 2019 – Mar 2019

Commercial Scaffolding at Sydney Harbour

This week Stronghold were engaged to provide scaffolding hire to assist in the demolition of an old structure that had been deemed unsafe and dangerous. The structure has been slowly degenerating over the years with such close proximity to the water.

Purpose of Scaffolding Hire

As with all scaffolding hire projects each one is slightly different and the needs and requirements of the scaffolding are also different. For this project the scaffold was designed to act as a crash deck and to also contain any loose debris during the demolition phase.

Galvanized Cup-Lock Scaffold

The first challenge was that the scaffold would be submerged under water at high tide which meant that the erection and dismantle of the scaffold could only be done at low tide. This gave us a 4-5 hour window which had to be planned to coincide with the barge delivery and hours of natural light. It was also the reason we chose galvanized cup-lock scaffold on this one.

The second challenge was that all components had to be fastened so that they could not dislodge on the rising tide and get washed away. All plywood, lap boards, sole boards, etc were fastened using a combination of banding strapping and self-tapping screws.

Heritage Listed Structures

The last challenge that we faced was that almost everything on the island is heritage listed which meant that areas that we could tie or support the structure were limited. We have done work before in similar settings whereby the contents of a room or building are listed (like this irreplaceable pipe organ at a recent commercial scaffolding project in Parramatta).

Words From The Client

It’s all well and good us saying that we did a great job on this scaffolding project but here are some words from the client about how the job went.

“Firstly, We are extremely thankful for the support, efforts and proactive approach your company took towards the challenge’s of an overwater scaffold arrangement.
Your crew were professional, timely and efficient in executing the task.
We do look forward to working on future projects together with Stronghold Hire.”


Budgets & Deadlines Met

This was the first scaffolding hire project that we have done for Polaris Marine and they were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to future projects with them. This project was another success with deadlines exceeded and budget met.

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