Commercial Scaffolding Internal Scaffold in Gym, Croydon Presbyterian Ladies College


Croydon Presbyterian Ladies College

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Commercial Scaffolding

Croydon PLC

July 2022

Internal Gym Scaffold at Croydon Presbyterian Ladies College

One of our projects this month included an internal scaffold at a private college in Croydon. If you follow our socials, you will know that we are one of the leading scaffold suppliers in schools and colleges across Sydney. Recommendations and reputation have paved the way for us.

This time we were back at PLC in Croydon. We were back here in 2020 when we erected a scaffold for a re-roof at one of the buildings there

Scaffolding for Skywalks

This commercial scaffolding was to assist in the installation of something completely different. The client needed to install a walkway or ‘skywalk’ that would connect two buildings through the school gym.

Scaffolding Challenges in Schools

The scaffold was to help with the demolition and installation phase of the project. The usual challenges were associated with internal school projects such as:

  1. Strict delivery and pick-up times.
  2. Exclusion zones for students and school staff.
  3. Protection of existing structures such as timber floors, doorways, corners, etc in the scaffold area and the movement of the material route.
  4. Noise control between certain times.
  5. Strict deadlines for start and completion.

An extra challenge on this project was that the scaffold needed to run through the area where the gymnastics equipment was set up. The college wanted this area to remain intact, with them being able to have full use of the gym equipment whilst the scaffold remained in place.

Compromise for Success

In an ideal world, the client would have loved the scaffold to simply ‘float’ over this area with no scaffold legs touching the floor and using up floor space.
Although this is sometimes possible (with the use of existing surrounding structure and some clever design), unfortunately, this was not the case here. When this happens, both parties need to compromise. With the aid of our engineer and the experience of our scaffold management, we were able to come up with a simple design that allowed the gym area to remain operational and still give them the height clearance they requested.

Scaffolding for Schools – Not 3rd Time Lucky

This is the 3rd project that we have done at this college, with each one being for different contractors. This is another example of if you do the job right, you will be asked to come again, nothing to do with luck as supplying scaffolds for schools is something we’re specialised in.

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