Uniting Church, Pitt Street, CBD.

Aluminium Kwik Stage Project - Uniting Church, Pitt Street, CBD


Uniting Church, Pitt Street, CBD.

Scaffolding System:
Aluminium Kwik Stage Scaffold

C.J. Duncan

June 2018

Aluminium Scaffolding, Uniting Church, Pitt Street, CBD

Stronghold hire were approached by C.J. Duncan to provide a scaffold for wall repairs at Uniting Church, Pitt Street, Sydney. The church is almost 100 years old so the utmost care had to be taken with material movement in and out of the church.

Aluminium Kwik Stage Scaffold

The church itself is on Pitt street in the CBD which becomes extremely busy during the daytime. It was for this reason that we started the erection stage at 5am in order to get the material into the church safely.

The scaffold was only required for 2 weeks and there were weight restrictions on the floor so it was obvious that we would use our aluminium kwik stage scaffold for this one. We decided to give them their access from the balcony area so that there was minimum disruption to the floor area below.

First Project With C.J. Duncan

The job was erected in 4 hours and the client was able to start works that afternoon. This is the first job for C.J. Duncan and we hope to continue to provide them with an access service for the foreseeable future.

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